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How fast does my internet need to be?

This depends on how many devices you have (mobile, streaming, computers) and what you use them for:

- Checking email
- Streaming music or videos
- Reading an article or blog post
- Scrolling through your social media feed
- Downloading files


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Why do I need all this stuff? 

Why can't I just use the modem?

Most clients find it difficult to keep up with constantly changing internet demands. We have experts available to recommend the solution that is right for your needs!

Security & Unsafe Wireless Devices

Did you know that certain wireless cameras, doorbells, and even thermostats can leave your network vulnerable and open to attack?

Hardwired WAPs vs. "Boosters"

A "booster" takes a weak signal and amplifies the bad data making the signal appear stronger, but doesn't fix any of the issues with it.  A hardwired WAP brings the pure original signal into the room and distributes it locally without amplifying bad data.

Ultimate Speed

Your network will only be as fast as the slowest part, so all parts need to be evenly matched for optimal speed, and long term reliability.

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