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Beautiful natural light, uninterrupted sleep. Save energy. Get rid of ugly and unsafe cords. Smart Shades are the answer!

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Why do I need motorized shades?

There are many reasons to add motorized & non-motorized shades. Let's start with these...

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Relax, save energy, save time.

Whether it is time to energize, relax, sleep, or work, the amount of light in a room sets the tone and level of comfort.

Wake up to natural sunlight

Wake up to natural sunlight, but maintain privacy with dual-roller shades, which enable a blackout shade for sleeping, and a sheer shade to let in light while maintaining privacy.

Block the heat from the sun

Shades not only control the amount of light, but also the amount of heat transmitted into a room.  Adding shades has an energy saving value, as your HVAC system does not have to work as hard, thereby saving you money.

Privacy and complete light control

Maintain privacy, and where desired, control complete blackout conditions optimal for sleep.

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