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Make lighting simple.  Save energy. Get rid of ugly light switches. Smart Lighting is here to save the day!

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Why do I need Lighting Control?

Comfort.  Energy Savings.  Simplicity.  Peace of Mind. Just to name a few of the reasons...

Get Rid of Ugly Switches

Eliminate the confusing and horrendous looking multi-gang banks of light switches from your wall, replacing them all with a single, elegant lighting keypad.

Simplify Things

Backlit buttons eliminate the guesswork of which button turns on the light, making lighting control easier to use than traditional switches.  One button turns the whole house on or off.

Save Energy

Traditional wall dimmers don't save energy. They merely take the unused electricity from when you dim a light, and dissipate that energy as heat into your walls. A panelized lighting system uses only as much energy as you need, eliminating waste, and saving both the planet, and your wallet.

Spend your time enjoying your life, not dimming your lights

Recall lighting scenes with a single button. Scenes for every occasion enhance the home, such as dining, entertaining, evening, morning, sunrise, even create a romantic scene. Touch free lighting is here; automatically turn lights on and off as they are needed, brightening a room as you enter, and saving energy by turning lights off when you leave.

The color of light affects your mood

Scientists have proven that your mind and body react to the color of light, which affects both work and sleep. You will feel healthier and happier with warm natural light, rather than harsh, cold artificial light.  Fine tune the spectrum of light for time of day, artwork, mood, and interior decor.

Never come home to a dark house

Illuminate the home, the yard, the pool, and the driveway. Peace of mind comes from knowing what is happening by being able to see, all while enhancing the elegance and beauty of your home.

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lighting at your fingertips

Live Healthy.

Your home is used to sleep, work, relax, and entertain. Lighting should adjust to match the activities in your home to maximize comfort.

Wake up with the Sun

Getting up before the sun for an early morning work-out? No problem. Lighting control can slowly brighten a vibrant, white light to give you the energy you need to start your day and energize your work-out.

Focus and accomplish

When it’s time to focus on work, the right light can make all the difference. Open your automated shades to let daylight in and use a cool, white light to help you concentrate and stay alert, so you can be your most productive self.

Entertain with ease

Entertaining in your home has never been easier. Help your guests relax and enjoy by setting the perfect lighting scene, featuring a warm, golden light.

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